Do Condoms Make it Harder to Maintain an Erection?

Do Condoms Make it Harder to Maintain an Erection?

The use of condoms helps maintain safe sex. From protecting against unwanted pregnancies to preventing sexually transmitted infections (STIs), condoms are often the best option. They especially come in handy when in a new relationship or a casual encounter. However, finding a condom and placing it on can interrupt the flow of sex.

Additionally, the fear that condoms might cause erectile dysfunction (ED), often gets in the way of regular use for some men. This leads to the burning question that most men may be asking themselves: Do condoms make it harder to maintain an erection?

Condom-associated ED is a possibility, but condoms do not cause chronic erectile dysfunction. There are several possible causes of ED that have to do with both physical and psychological causes. ED could be a result of medications taken to treat certain conditions, and stress, depression or relationship problems can also be factors.

Condom-related problems might occur for some men, which may result in fear of using a condom in the nearby future. It’s possible for some men to even get distracted when stopping sexual activity to put on a condom and lose their arousal. This results in the inability to maintain an erection. Condoms may provide protection, but they can still be quite uncomfortable.

It can sometimes take the sensation associated with penetrative sex away, and also interrupt the “moment”. Some men may need to experiment with different fitments of condoms, for some are tighter than others. Condoms that are too large can fall off during intercourse and therefore reverse an erection.

Try out different kinds, sizes and textures to see what best suits you and your partner. To stay in the moment, it might help to have your partner place the condom on for you. Adding lubricant to the inside of the condom can also help, and make sex more pleasurable. Although, keep in mind that doing so could also risk the condom slipping. Try different solutions to see what works best for you.


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